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College Safety for Students

College Safety for Students

While many students have settled into college life this past month, safety remains a top priority. According to research by ADT, 97% of students feel they take account of their safety on and off campus in their daily lives. We have created a list of helpful tips for students and parents to ensure safety while on campus.

Tips for Students

  • Be alert.
    • Always watch your surroundings, especially when walking on or off campus. Avoid distractions like listening to music that would prohibit these senses.
  • Carry a self-defense device.
    • Amazon and other websites offer an assortment of safety devices and keychains to make students safer.
  • Lock your doors.
    • Practice the safety habit of locking doors as soon as you get home. You never know when someone will accidentally or purposefully enter your home.
  • Pay attention to safety protocols.
    • During orientation, guides will review the protocols to keep students safe, like blue light security or university-specific hotlines.
  • Avoid walking alone at night.
    • Walking alone can make someone a vulnerable target. Have a friend, someone from class or a safety officer walk you back to your home.
  • Understand the area.
    • Make sure to learn about the college’s area, such as places to avoid, safe walking paths, and where to locate help when needed.

Tips for Parents

  • Be a supportive parent.
    • As a parent, you are your children’s biggest supporter. College is complicated and if they come to you with serious topics, take the time to listen and give advice.
  • Check-in.
    • Without being overbearing, ensuring your child is safe is essential. This could include seeing that they returned home safely after a late class or making sure they got home from a night out with friends.
  • Encourage exploration.
    • Once a student understands the area, it is important to encourage exploring what their college town has to offer. They may stumble across a coffee shop, library, or restaurant they wouldn’t have known before.
  • Discuss situations before they arise.
    • If you haven’t already had discussions on college life, consider addressing them with your child. This can teach situational awareness and what to do if something occurs.