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Attention Dawg Pound! Our Survival Guide for Browns Fans During Playoff Week

Being a Browns fan is a unique experience. Who thought that 2023 would bring us an 11-6 playoff season? Fear not, dear Browns fans, for we present you with the ultimate survival guide to navigate this chaotic but exhilarating week.

Invest in an Emotional Shield

Consider a Browns-themed emotional shield – maybe a foam finger that doubles as a tear-soaker. You’ll need something to protect your emotions when the game takes unexpected turns. Just be sure it’s sturdy enough to withstand those nail-biting moments.

Update Your Snack Game

Stock up on comfort food. Nachos, wings, and pizza are essential playoff companions. The key is to eat your feelings but avoid throwing snacks at the TV when things get tense. We want to enjoy the game!

Master the Art of Superstition

Embrace your inner wizard and craft a pre-game ritual. Whether it’s wearing your lucky socks, sitting in your designated lucky chair, or chanting a pre-game mantra, find what works for you. “Here we go, Brownies here we go!” is always a fantastic choice.

Create a Safe Space

Designate a “safe space” for intense moments during the game. This area should be equipped with plush cushions and stress balls for those heart-stopping plays. It’s like a panic room, but for Browns’ fans.

Learn to Yell in a Supportive Way

Practice yelling supportive phrases. Remember, it’s not about the volume; it’s about the love. Your neighbors will thank you for turning your screams of agony into cheers of encouragement.

Flacco ‘Round and Find Out

Channel your inner Joe Flacco as you prepare mentally and emotionally for the playoff game this weekend.

As a Browns fan during playoff week, you must be resilient. Equip yourself with laughter, snacks, and emotional armor, and you’ll emerge from this playoff journey with your sanity intact.

Oh, and go Browns!