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Assessing the full extent of damage after a crash takes time

After a car accident, motorists typically get out of their cars and assess the damage, if they are able to do so. They might see debris littering the roadway, broken glass and significant damage to the vehicle. However, it can be difficult to assess the full extent of the damage until a driver brings the car to an auto body shop for inspection by professionals.

It can be the same way with injuries after an accident. There could be some obvious damage and acute pain, but until you visit a doctor and take some time to assess your condition, it can be all but impossible to know how serious your injuries may be. This can be especially important when it comes to certain types of car accident injuries.

  1. Delayed injuries: Some accident injuries may not develop until days or even weeks after a collision. As noted in this article on delayed injuries, whiplash, PTSD and neck or back pain may not be immediately noticeable.
  2. Minor injuries that require treatment: Minor aches and pains might go away with some rest and aspirin. However, some other injuries that start minor require medical attention to prevent them from becoming more severe. This can include headaches or abdominal pain. Without proper care, these injuries can become very serious and possibly life threatening.
  3. Emotional damage: Car accidents are scary, and they have the potential to cause long-lasting emotional damage for victims and their families. People can find that they experience anxiety, depression and even personality changes in the aftermath of a crash, particularly if they suffered a brain injury as well.

Motorists should take at least as much care with their health as they do with their vehicles after an accident. Do not assume that if you can’t see damage, it doesn’t exist. Go to the doctor, assess your injuries and get the care and attention you need to recover from an accident. You can also discuss your legal options with an attorney if you have questions about any compensation that may be available to you.