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Art Elk Inducted into Cleveland State University College of Law Hall of Fame

On November 3, Art Elk, founding partner of Elk + Elk, was inducted into the Cleveland State University College of Law Hall of Fame. He is also a graduate of the CSU College of Law class of 1973.

Art’s legal journey began in Ashland County, where he became the youngest prosecuting attorney in Ohio, showcasing a passion for bringing justice to the victims of crime. His career then took a pivotal turn in 1984 when he transitioned to injury law, driven by a desire to continue serving and seeking justice for victims. He emphasized the importance of providing representation regardless of financial constraints, ensuring access to justice for those in need. Art’s dedication to his clients and commitment to justice played a crucial role in the success and growth of Elk + Elk.

One notable aspect of Art Elk’s success story is his innovative marketing approach. In the early days when legal advertising was gaining popularity, Art seized the opportunity to advertise on the first two outside back covers of phone books in Mansfield and Wooster. This strategic move proved instrumental in building the firm’s identity and expanding its reach across rural Ohio.

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