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Lawsuit filed against parents of 4-year-old shooter

Brendon Holt, a six-year-old boy from New Jersey was accidentally shot and killed by his 4-year-old playmate. Brendon’s family has filed suit against the boy’s parents.

Brendon’s parents claim Anthony and Melissa Senatore’s recklessness allowed their son to fatally shoot Brendon.

The New York Daily News reports, “On April 8, authorities say the Senatore’s son got his hands on a loaded .22-caliber rifle from his parent’s bedroom. The boy went outside and fired a single shot, striking Brendon in the head.”

Gun Safety

How to strike a balance between Second Amendment rights and safety is one of the most polarizing political topics we face. But no matter what your beliefs, we all want our kids to be safe.

Guns are in more than one third of all U.S. households, so they’re a very real danger to children, whether you own one or not. According to a report by NPR, “More than 3,000 children are treated for accidental shootings in emergency rooms each year.” That’s why it’s important to talk to kids about the potential dangers of guns, and what to do if they find one. If you do keep a gun in the house, it’s vital to keep it out of sight and out of reach of kids. The gun should be kept locked and unloaded, and the ammunition should be stored separately.