school safety

Parents of School Shooters

It’s been less than a year since the tragic Newtown massacre. Yet, sadly, another school shooting is in the news. On Tuesday, a student at Sparks Middle School in Nevada, shot and killed a teacher and wounded two others before turning the gun on himself. This time the “gunman” was reportedly only 12 years...

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Are your school’s bleachers safe?

Two Columbus area students were taken to the emergency room last Friday after a bleacher railing collapsed during a football game. Reports indicate that a large group of students had pressed up against the railing, in an effort to be filmed by a local news crew. Although no serious injuries were reported, it called...

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Back-to-School Safety: Teen Driving

For many parents, the phrase “back to school” brings to mind #2 pencils and loose-leaf notebook paper. But for parents of older kids, the announcement of a new school year beginning evokes a very different (and terrifying) image: their teen behind the wheel. It should come as no great surprise that most teens prefer...

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