product liability

Medical Apps – Who’s Responsible?

  FDA looking at mobile medical applications From programming your DVR to dealing with a car accident, these days there seems to be an “app” for everything. Now, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, when a mobile device runs certain medical applications, it will be subject to FDA oversight. The FDA has...

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IKEA Beds Recalled

Scandinavian furniture chain IKEA has recalled 40,000 children’s beds. The U.S. Consumer Product Commission and Canadian officials both received reports of breakage and an increased risk of injury. IKEA announced Thursday it is recalling KRITTER and SNIGLAR junior beds because a metal rod may detach, causing partial detachment of the guard rail and exposed...

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Laser toys put children at risk

Lasers are everywhere. They allow us to listen to a CD, scan our purchases at the checkout counter and then, there is the omnipresent laser pointer. As adults we know not to shine these devices into anyone’s eyes, but what about lasers in the hands of children? In the U.S., toys are generally overseen...

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