opioid addiction

Off-label use of breakthrough cancer pain drug linked to serious opioid addiction and death

[caption id="attachment_9396" align="alignright" width="300"] Source: Subsys[/caption] Cancer patients who are receiving regular pain medication and management can sometimes still experience sudden, intense flare-ups called breakthrough pain. Subsys, a fentanyl-based pain relief mouth spray, was developed by Insys Therapeutics and approved by the FDA to treat the condition. The drug delivers a painkiller mist 100...

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Opioids Are Being Overprescribed After a C-Section

There is no one cause of the opioid epidemic, which is hitting Ohio especially hard. The issue is very complex. However, we know that many people become addicted to opioids after being prescribed painkillers. The prescription drugs hydrocodone and oxycodone can be gateway drugs to heroin and fentanyl, among others.  (more…)

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