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Illegal Online Pharmacies Shut Down

Faced with mounting medical bills, American consumers have flocked to the internet in search of “Canadian Pharmacies” selling bargain-priced prescription drugs. What they may not know is that the drugs may actually come from overseas and many of the websites are illegal, selling dangerous unapproved medications. The FDA released a statement yesterday stating that...

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Arthur Elk: Counterfeit drugs are dangerous problem, even in our country

By Arthur Elk Most of us have probably filled a prescription in the past year, whether it is medicine for a chronic health problem or antibiotics to treat an illness. More than 4 billion prescriptions are filled in the United States each year. We all trust that the medicines we buy contain the ingredients...

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FDA launches online pharmacy awareness campaign, helps ID licensed websites

For millions of Americans, a large percentage of their monthly budgets must go toward prescription medications. Millions of dollars are spent on prescription drugs each year in our country. Ninety percent of senior citizens and 57 percent of non-senior citizens rely on at least one prescription drug on a daily basis. Combine these numbers...

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