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‘Life is one thing after another’: Dealing with coronavirus anxiety

The coronavirus pandemic has caused stress, anxiety and hardship for millions of people. COVID-19 is affecting 183 countries and territories around the world, with the number of confirmed cases growing each day. Social distancing, isolation, quarantine and economic uncertainty—these are scary and unsettling times. Simran Sethi of The New York Times interviewed noted psychologist and...

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Staying Healthy at Work: 4 Steps to Improve Your Health & Wellness

Many businesses have health and wellness programs in place to encourage their employees to lead healthy lifestyles. However, even those who eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly can be at risk of developing health issues related to the workplace. Below are habits you should break and suggestions for staying healthy at work. Tips...

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Do You Know the Nine Types of Depression?

Though depression is commonly mistaken for sadness, it is much more than a state of mind. According to the National Institute of Mental Illness, depression is classified as an illness that interferes with daily life or functioning. According to the Kim Foundation on Mental Health Resources, 26.2 percent of individuals over the age of 18 suffer...

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