hot car deaths

What to Do if a Child or Animal is Trapped in a Hot Car

On average 38 children and hundreds of pets die each year from vehicular heatstroke in unattended cars. A record of 53 children died of vehicular heatstroke in 2019. Temperatures inside vehicles can spike to dangerous levels in minutes, for example, on an 80-degree day, the temperature inside a car can rise to approximately 114...

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5 tips for preventing hot car deaths

When stories about hot car deaths make headlines, most parents have the same reactions: That would never happen to my child. Only a careless parent could put their little ones in that situation. Unfortunately, parents who think they’re immune to the dangers often fail to take proper precautions to avoid these tragic incidents. (more…)

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How can parents, caregivers and the public prevent hot car deaths?

Ohio will soon join the ranks of states taking action to prevent hot car deaths. Earlier this summer, Gov. John Kasich signed Senate Bill 215 into law. Effective August 31, good Samaritans who break into a vehicle to save a minor or animal from overheating are protected from civil liability and damages. It’s a...

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