Fire safety

Grilling Mistakes You May Be Making

July is national grilling month. There's no better way to celebrate summertime than gathering with friends and family and firing up the grill. Keep your guests safe and avoid these common grilling mistakes. Common Grilling Mistakes 1. Grilling under the influence 37% of grillers admit they've fired up a grill while having a few...

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Grilling Safety Tips: Prevent Fires at Your Summer Cookouts

Many of us look forward to firing up the grill for a backyard barbecue during the summer months, but it’s important to keep in mind that this fun tradition is accompanied by many serious hazards. Read on for grilling safety tips to help protect your family, guests, and home. Grill-related incidents cause thousands of...

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Thanksgiving Fire Prevention Tips

[caption id="attachment_4182" align="alignright" width="300"] Cooking is the number one cause of home fires.[/caption] For many Americans, the best part about Thanksgiving is sitting down to a delicious home-cooked holiday dinner with friends and family. Unfortunately, cooking is the number one cause of home fires and the greatest number of them occur on Thanksgiving Day. The...

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