employee safety

What Every Employee Should Know About Wrongful Terminations

Termination of employment can happen for various reasons, but being aware of legal boundaries and employee rights is essential. Wrongful termination cases can be complex, and understanding the nuances is crucial. In this blog, we'll explore common misconceptions of wrongful termination and provide insights to help employees navigate these challenging situations. Legal Protections Beyond...

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My boss isn’t covered by Workers’ Comp. What happens if I get hurt at work?

http://youtu.be/9jtDLwNJSWg Ohio attorney Gary Cowan discusses what to do if you’re injured at work but your employer isn’t covered by Workers’ Compensation.   With most employers, you have access to insurance if you’re injured on the job through a program called Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ Compensation, or “Workers’ Comp,” is a fund that provides medical...

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