drug recall

Some Supplements Too Good to Be True

It seems you can’t turn on the radio without hearing an ad for dietary supplements claiming to help with everything from diabetes to erectile dysfunction. Sometimes scams are obvious, but such a distinction is not always as clear. Advertisements like these can confuse consumers because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates dietary supplements...

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Court revives J&J Whistleblower lawsuit

Former Johnson & Johnson executive claims he was fired for whistleblowing about product safety – he warned management 15 years ago that Ortho-Evra was dangerous. A three-judge appellate panel in New Jersey has overturned the dismissal of a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit filed against J&J and its subsidiary Ethicon by Joel S. Lippman. The former...

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Arthur Elk: Drug approval system often leaves unforeseen victims

By Arthur Elk Do you worry about taking prescription medications? Probably not. Most of us trust that before a drug goes to market it has undergone rigorous testing. However, sometimes, even with testing, a drug can make it to market with deadly results. Less than a year after being approved, Omontys, a drug used...

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