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Backyard Campfire Safety

backyard campfire safety

Summer and fall offer the perfect nights to sit by a campfire, roasting marshmallows and enjoying a night with family and friends under the stars. Below are seven safety tips to help avoid campfire accidents.

7 Safety Tips for Campfires

1. Keep your campfire a safe distance from any structure.

It is recommended that a fire pit be placed over 10 feet away from a house.

2. Watch the weather.

Never start a campfire in dry or windy conditions to avoid it from spreading.

3. Follow instructions to create a safe campfire.

Take your time learning the dos and don’ts of adequately building a campfire and the ways to keep it under control.

4. Keep an eye out for children.

While parents can teach their children the dangers of a fire, that doesn’t mean it isn’t their responsibility to pay attention. Trips, slips, and falls can happen in seconds resulting in serious injuries.

5. Know what to avoid burning.

Take note that not everything should be burned in a campfire. Items such as plastic, magazines, painted wood, trash, and more should avoid being burned. Chemical accelerants such as gas can create a large flame but can be difficult to control and even explode.

6. Never leave a campfire unattended.

Fire can rapidly spread in minutes. If you plan to leave at any time, extinguish the fire completely.

7. Extinguish the fire properly.

Use plenty of water to extinguish the campfire completely. Next, stir the wood, coals, and embers, ensuring everything is out. Finally, feel the ground and remain nearby if it is not cool to the touch.