Personal injury case results

If you have been injured due to someone’s negligence, our attorneys are here to help. Every case result is different. Take a look at our average settlements below to learn about clients we have successfully represented.

All lawsuits are different and Elk & Elk makes no representation or promises that it can obtain the same results in other cases. These results do not guarantee, warrant, or predict the outcome of any future legal matter. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

$3,000,000 Gas explosion in Southern Ohio resulting in a father sustaining third-degree burns to his forearms and upper torso, leaving him permanently scarred and emotionally traumatized for life. William Price
$1,500,000 A fuel explosion in Akron/Canton area severely burned a mother and child, leaving severe scars and horrific skin disfigurement. Kevin Lenson Co-Counsel: Christopher Tipping
$575,000 Our client fell out of a tube at a local water park, resulting in paralysis to the right side of his body. William Price
$575,000 Recovery for a delivery truck driver who suffered a fractured ankle that required multiple surgeries when a tow truck operator dropped a heavy slab of granite during unloading of a flatbed trailer. R. Craig McLaughlin
$565,000 Worksite accident where our client sustained a closed head injury and missed a significant amount of work following the accident. The client’s dump truck completely flipped over due to overloading at a construction site. Kevin Lenson Co-counsel: Oscar E. Rodriguez
$300,000 Recovery for a young girl who was bitten on her face by a relative’s dog and suffered a torn tear duct. R. Craig McLaughlin
$300,000 Recovery for a young girl who suffered a fractured skull when a neighbor gave his young son a golf club and ball to play in the backyard and then left the children unsupervised while he went upstairs to take a shower. R. Craig McLaughlin
$300,000 Our client slipped and fell on a diving board that was not properly maintained, resulting in a torn meniscus and all tendons in the knee. Plaintiff required multiple surgeries. William Price
$241,000 Recovery for a teenage female who suffered an avulsion of the patellar tendon in her knee and other injuries when a classmate stepped on her feet and knocked her to the ground during horseplay at school. R. Craig McLaughlin
$225,000 Recovery for a toddler who was bitten on the cheek by a friend’s dog at a Fourth of July party. R. Craig McLaughlin
$210,000 Woman slipped and fell in the bar area of an establishment. She fractured her shoulder, ribs, and knee. She completed all of her treatment within a year of the incident. The amount accepted as payment in full of her bills was under $24,000. Defendant claimed lack of notice of the substance on the floor on which she fell. Michael Eisner
$200,000 The three-year-old Plaintiff was with her father visiting a friend. The Defendant’s dog was on a leash but continued to growl, leading to the eventual attack of our Client. The Plaintiff’s left cheek was gouged, resulting in 30 stitches. She also sustained facial lacerations, puncture wounds, minor nerve damage, and a five-centimeter jagged scar. Michael Eisner
$120,000 Client suffered a compound fracture from an undocumented fall incident. Complications from the fracture necessitated amputation. Egan Kilbane
$108,000 Individual suffered a broken ankle when a free-standing brick wall fell over on her leg at an apartment complex she was visiting. The injured party had surgery to place hardware in her ankle, and subsequent surgery to remove the hardware. Defendant alleged comparative fault against the claimant. Michael Eisner