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Unfortunately, asbestos regulation came too late to help the thousands of workers whose exposure to the ancient, fire-retardant fiber caused an insidious form of cancer called mesothelioma. Fortunately, Elk & Elk’s team of mesothelioma lawyers are armed with 50 years’ experience defending the rights of people affected by industrial America’s use of asbestos.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, the lawyers at Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., want to hear from you. While no amount of money can undo a diagnosis, we can help you achieve the financial security you need to get treatment and to support your family. For a free consultation, call 1-800-ELK-OHIO or contact us online.

Federal agencies have been regulating asbestos use since the mid-1970s

A study released in June 2008 by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health shows that between 1999 and 2004, nearly 1,000 people in Ohio over the age of 15 died from mesothelioma. Over that same period, the state’s mesothelioma-related death rate grew from more than 11 to nearly 23 people per million Ohioans.

Trust the lawyers at Elk & Elk when corporate greed is valued over human life

To Elk & Elk’s mesothelioma attorneys, these numbers paint a sobering picture about the lasting effects of this deadly fiber. And the facts behind the numbers, like the idea that Big Business for decades tried to conceal its deadly attributes, makes mesothelioma and the many other asbestos-related maladies even more tragic. The ill effects of asbestos began to surface as early as the late 1800s. Unfortunately, the production of asbestos-containing materials continued to grow until the mid-1970s and widespread removal and regulation of the deadly fiber didn’t really take hold until the mid-1980s.

Any mesothelioma lawyer worth his salt will tell you that when corporate greed eclipses the value of human life, a grave injustice is born. No amount of money can replace the thousands of workers injured by way of asbestos’s deadly side effects, not to mention the thousands of innocents whose mere proximity to asbestos in buildings or processing facilities has caused them harm.

Call 1-800-ELK-OHIO for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma

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