Lorain Personal Injury Attorney

An accident can cause serious injuries that have a major effect on you and your family. At Elk & Elk, our Lorain personal injury attorneys can help. Our lawyers can guide you through the legal process in the pursuit of justice and financial compensation to help you pay your bills and move forward. If you need a compassionate, experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you, contact us to request a free consultation.

Why Choose Lorain Personal Injury Attorneys

  • We are proud to say we have won some of the largest jury verdicts and personal injury settlements in Ohio and the surrounding states.
  • We have been committed to protecting the rights of seriously injured clients for over 50 years. In that time, we have earned and maintained a reputation of excellence.
  • Our Lorain, Ohio personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will only pay your lawyer if he or she wins your case.

How Do Personal Injury Claims Work?

Personal injury law presents an opportunity for injured accident victims to recover financial compensation for their past and future expenses. If someone else is responsible for giving you an injury, that party may be financially responsible for your medical bills, property repairs and other losses. In most cases, you or your attorney must prove negligence to obtain compensation.

The legal definition of negligence is a breach or violation of the duty of care. A duty of care is an obligation to use the same level of care that a reasonable and prudent person would in the same or similar circumstances. Any action or omission that breaches this duty of care and causes injury or harm to another person is negligence. If your lawyer can prove negligence, you can receive financial compensation for your losses.

Common Accidents Involved in Lorain, Ohio Personal Injury Claims

Many different accidents can lead to personal injury lawsuits in Lorain. Any preventable circumstance that leads to a physical injury may give the victim grounds to file a personal injury claim in Ohio. At Elk & Elk, our personal injury lawyers accept cases involving:

This is not a comprehensive list of our practice areas. If you or a loved one has any type of injury from an accident caused by negligence, recklessness, or malicious wrongdoing, consult with our attorneys to find out how we can help.

When to Contact a Lorain, OH Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a personal injury attorney in Lorain, Ohio is the best way to protect your rights during the legal process. Insurance companies can take advantage of clients. You may be seriously injured, yet an insurance company may devalue your claim and offer less than you deserve.

Furthermore, you may be too stressed out from your injuries to conduct any negotiations on your own. A lawyer can solve these problems by negotiating on your behalf for the best possible outcome – all while answering your questions and providing peace of mind.

What Compensation Is Available?

An accident can cost you a lot. Between expensive medical bills and the inability to go back to work, you could lose thousands – not to mention the physical pain and emotional suffering you may endure. A successful personal injury lawsuit in Ohio could allow you to hold someone accountable for your economic and non-economic damages. A settlement or verdict could repay you for past and future health care costs, lost wages, property repairs, pain and suffering, legal fees, and more. Discuss the value of your claim with an attorney today.

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Whether or not you have a case, what your case could be worth, the identity of the defendant, and your deadline are all questions our personal injury lawyers in Lorain, OH can answer for you. Initial consultations are free and come at no obligation to hire our law firm. We can provide the advice and information you need to get through this difficult time.

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