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Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi, tractor-trailer, stake bed, box truck, hauler, panel truck, bobtail, plow or 18-wheeler

Whatever the names, they're large trucks and they can be tough to share the road with at times. These commercial vehicles, especially those that pull trailers, are harder to maneuver, require increased stopping distance and take longer to pull out than most every other type of motor vehicle on the road.

Commercial vehicle and truck accident attorneys in Ohio

At Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., our dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals, doctor, nurses, economists, accountants, analysts, accident reconstruction specialists and other experts has become well known for fighting hard to get to the truth and prove the merit of our clients' cases. Our top priority is helping average Americans protect their rights and get their lives back on track. We spare no expense to find the facts and get our clients the compensation they deserve.

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A law firm with the resources and the knowledge to handle the most complex cases

Operating commercial vehicles safely takes training, practice, skill, patience and attention. These big rigs are a necessary part of our nation's transportation system, which most often runs safely. But even the slightest slip-up behind the wheel of a big rig – or by a motorist on the road around it – can quickly balloon to monstrous proportions and seriously injure anyone who's in the wrong place at the wrong time.

That's why, when you've been involved in a commercial vehicle mishap, you need a law firm with the resources and the knowledge to dissect even the most complicated chain of events leading to a commercial vehicle wreck. Our team of commercial vehicle and semi-truck accident attorneys, paralegals, accident reconstruction specialists, doctors, nurses, accountants, economists and other experts has the kind of experience you want on your side when navigating the rough roads of commercial vehicle accident litigation.

Seasoned professionals search for the truth

With our seasoned accident reconstruction staff at the ready, we study every aspect of the scene – from the vehicles involved, their operators' qualifications, whether the driver had adequate training and the environmental conditions at the time of the wreck to maintenance records, company licenses and even computer re-enactments of the actual events – all to eliminate any gray areas and get to the truth, which, in turn, gets you the compensation you deserve to help you put your life back on track.

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