Employment Claims

The employment law attorneys at Elk & Elk take exception to dishonest employers. We are experienced enough to know about the many factors associated with modern employment law and how they so readily change. That’s why, if you’ve been cheated, hurt or otherwise injured at work and the legal issues surrounding the situation have you confused and worried, our attorneys can help.

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About the Fair Labor Standards Act

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employees have the right to compensation and other fair treatment in the workplace. Employers who violate wage, hourly and overtime laws could be subjected those rights could face criminal and civil penalties, and they often have to compensate mistreated employees.

Elk & Elk can help you if an employer has refused to pay you wages that you have earned, or if you are sidelined by a workplace injury. When you need help making sense of what your rights are and how to enforce them, you can rely on a law firm with over five decades of experience.

Dedicated and experienced legal team of employment law attorneys

We have the resources to enforce your rights against unscrupulous employers. To start, our attorneys know employment law. We also have an entire team of experts — including many who are members of our staff — who can investigate the facts of your case, make sure you understand your rights as an employee, and help us prove the merits of your case. This combination of knowledge and resources gives us the edge that you need, and you will receive it for no upfront cost.

At Elk & Elk, you will not be charged unless we are successful in your case. We call it our no fee promise; be sure to ask about it when you call us.

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