Elk & Elk staying involved with today’s teens

Educating Ohio teens about drinking and driving

car accidentMore than 1,500 high school students got a crash course in the dangers of drunk driving Tuesday, April 19 2012 at the annual None 4 Under 21 and Choices Beyond event at Hiram College. None 4 Under 21 is a demonstration for high school students of the serious consequences of drunk driving, and the impact drunk driving has on the lives of the drivers, the victims and their families.

As students arrived at the event, they were greeted by a vivid reminder of the results of drunk driving. The parking lot outside Martin Fieldhouse was transformed into a realistic crash site, complete with victims and rescue crews working to save them. Inside the fieldhouse, students listened as two convicted felons and a father who lost his son in an accident shared their stories of how choices can have deadly consequences.

With the prom and graduation season just around the corner, Art Elk, Managing Partner at Elk & Elk, reminded students of the importance of making smart choices. “It only takes a split second to cause a tragedy that you will regret for the rest of your life. Bad choices can be life changing for you and everyone who loves you.”

check giveawayAs part of the event, Elk & Elk co-sponsored a contest that encouraged students to create banners with a positive message related to the event. The winning team of students from Field High School included Morgan Kline, Alyssa Coleman, Kayla Renicker and Tanaka Mupinga. A check for $2,000 was presented to Field High School to be used for alcohol-free prom and graduation activities. The second place team from James A. Garfield High School received a check for $1,000.

The Ohio personal injury lawyers at Elk & Elk believe strongly in the message of None 4 Under 21 and believe that making good choices can save lives. That’s why we continue to take part in this important event each year.

If you are a parent and want a way to start a conversation with your teen about drinking and driving, print out the Elk & Elk teen drinking and driving pledge today.