Ohio’s Infant Mortality And Premature Delivery Rates Are Up

Read Now | Protecting Ohio’s Babies And Mothers: Understanding Premature Delivery Rates And Infant Mortality In Ohio

Recent research shows that Ohio babies are at a higher risk for dying in their first year of life, and at a higher risk of being born prematurely than in years past.

Why does this matter?

Infant mortality rate is often used as an indicator of the overall health of a population. And babies that are born prematurely are more likely to have medical problems as they grow older.

Ohioans want to know: Why is this happening? And what can be done to address the issue?

The issue is complex and there are many factors at play. In our white paper, we take a closer look at the issue, the causes, and explain actionable steps expectant mothers can take to help keep their babies safe.

Read our free white paper: For more information about this topic, please read our white paper: Protecting Ohio’s Babies and Mothers: Understanding Premature Delivery Rates and Infant Mortality In Ohio.

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