Client Testimonial: Jeff Porter

Jeff’s Story

Jeff and his friend were on their way back from a trip. Growing tired, Jeff asked his friend if he would drive for a while. His friend lost control of the car resulting in both of Jeff’s femurs to break. “All I had was Veteran’s coverage, and there were no VA hospitals nearby,” Jeff continues, “since it was my car, but I wasn’t driving, the insurance company was trying to get out of paying me the liability.”

“I didn’t have any problems once I called them.”

What challenges did you face after the crash?

I don’t have any medical insurance and the insurance company was trying to get around paying me. The insurance companies, and the police and the hospitals were calling me constantly, wanting information. I thought, “I’m in serious trouble here.”

How did things change after you called Elk & Elk?

They just took over. It was a lot more peaceful after that. The phone kind of died down. They took care of all the phone calls, all the transactions… everything. I can’t tell you how much it helps you when you’re sick and you’re down and you don’t know what to do. It’s hard to even think when you’re in a lot of pain. Elk & Elk took over all of those problems.

How has your impression of personal injury attorneys changed?

Now I have a completely different outlook on personal injury lawyers, I’ll tell you that! They did a fantastic job. It kind of restores your faith in humanity a little bit to have someone do a good job and do it from their heart.