Client Testimonial: Gary Hanes

Gary’s Story

Gary, a retired army veteran, went out on a motorcycle ride on a Sunday afternoon when a man in a minivan pulled out in front of him. Gary hit the pavement and blew out his back. He suffered a fractured vertebra and massive tissue damage along the spine. He underwent 18 months of grueling physical therapy and numerous steroid injections.

“They treat you like a human, they understand what you’re going through.”

What do you remember about your accident?

It was a particularly warm day in February, I got on my motorcycle and was about half a mile down the road when the minivan hit me. The man who hit me lived four doors down and I heard him say to the cop, “Look what he did to my minivan…”

Besides your lower back, did you have any other injuries from the accident?

No, not one. Because I was wearing my protective gear, I didn’t have any scuff or burn marks or road rash.

What did you like most about Elk & Elk?

They understand what you’re going through. Nothing was hidden; it was all put on the table and explained until you understood. I felt like I had someone who understood me as a friend that was going to look out for my best interest.

Would you recommend Elk & Elk to your family and friends, why?

Bill made me feel like I was an equal. So much so, that the different motorcycle clubs I ride with, I would tell them, “If y’all need a motorcycle accident attorney, this is the guy to go to!” He was willing to go the distance and listen to my problems.