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Workers’ compensation law is an ever-changing landscape that hinges on the latest court decisions and constantly evolving statutes. We will provide the guidance to help get you through this situation. When you or someone you know winds up in this situation, we will provide needed guidance.

We have the knowledge, determination, and resources to make sure you are treated fairly and receive each benefit allowed to you by law. We have the experience and the know-how to handle the legal side of these terrible tragedies, and we understand how workers’ compensation overlaps with other parts of the law so that we can maximize our clients’ results.

Exploring all possible sources of compensation

Many injured workers do not know that workers’ compensation pays nothing for pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment. Nor will workers’ compensation ask a reckless employer to pay for its conduct unless that employer violates a written Ohio safety rule.

Because workers’ compensation fails to fully compensate the injured worker, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the facts. We will investigate every aspect of your case to see if a lawsuit against a third party, an intentional tort or a safety violation claim can be pursued.

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