Legal Resources In Youngstown And Mahoning County

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People in Youngstown and Mahoning County have access to online legal resources that can help them stay informed about legal events and cases in the area. Although this access does not substitute for the advice of an Ohio-licensed attorney, it can help consumers more fully understand the issues that occupy the legal system in the region.

For example, the Mahoning County Integrated Justice System and the City of Youngstown Municipal Court websites provide easy access to information about cases and data about city and county offices connected with legal events in the area. In addition, the Mahoning County website offers contact information for county departments, including the Clerk of Courts, animal licensing, inmate information, the sheriff’s office and a host of other county-provided services.

Currently, this website provides access to cases in the Mahoning County Common Pleas Court General and Domestic Relations Divisions and Mahoning County Area Court No. 3 (Sebring). It also links to a search engine that provides ready access to cases in the Youngstown civil and criminal courts.

Another useful resource is the Daily Legal News, which provides legal, financial, real estate and general news. It is designated the official law journal for the county by the federal, county and municipal courts. Some of the materials offered are accessible only by subscribing to the service. For example, court dockets, magistrates’ decisions and public records searches all require a subscription, login and password. However, directory information about city and county departments is freely available.

The Mahoning Law Library is primarily accessible via subscription, although it provides a few useful links for the layperson free of charge. The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County offers free access to several databases that include local information. Several of the resources must be used in the library, rather than remotely. The Youngstown State University Library is accessible online and provides a gateway to numerous legal resources.

The public can access Youngstown city ordinances free of charge through the city of Youngstown website. The ordinances are searchable, providing easy access to a list of ordinances by topic.

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