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We commonly think of construction and mining as dangerous occupations, but office workers, health care workers, and even tattoo artists face risks, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Workplace accidents and injuries can bring serious and permanent problems for people in all industries, but if you or a loved one suffered from a workplace accident, there is help.

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Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., is a Youngstown law firm that was founded to give the hardworking people of Ohio lawyers with the experience and the resources to stand up to large corporations and big insurance companies. With our wealth of knowledge and extensive network, we will not settle for anything less than what is in your best interests. Our attorneys have handled all types of workplace injuries and fatalities, including many common workplace accidents in Youngstown.

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You show up to work every day and do your very best, expecting that your employer dedicates itself to preventing workplace accidents. If you have been injured, you expect your company to treat you with the respect and loyalty you have given the company. Yet sometimes, companies tell workers they are not entitled to workers’ compensation when they should receive compensation. Our personal injury lawyers have years of experience and will fight for what you deserve.

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Depending on how you were injured, you could also be entitled to other compensation. You could receive money from third parties that were negligent and caused your injuries. Perhaps you are eligible for Social Security benefits. When you hire the lawyers at Elk & Elk, we care about your well-being, and we explore every possible avenue. We do not stop at workers’ compensation; we vigorously pursue all possible sources of compensation.

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