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You may be able to file a lawsuit for negligence against a property owner if you were injured due to a defect on that person’s property. The premises liability lawyers in Lima at Elk & Elk can help you with every stage of the legal process, from answering your questions to pursuing maximum financial compensation on your behalf. Contact us 24/7/365 for a free consultation.

Why Hire a Premises Liability Attorney in Lima, Ohio?

The right premises liability attorney can prevent a home or business owner’s insurance company from treating you unfairly. Your lawyer can use proven negotiation methods to fight for an amount that is appropriate according to the extent of your injuries, even if the insurance company tries to devalue your claim. Your attorney can investigate your case, gather necessary evidence, and hire qualified experts to maximize your results. More importantly, having a Lima personal injury lawyer on your side can give you the peace of mind you need to heal physically and emotionally during this difficult time.

Property Owner Duties of Care in Ohio

Premises liability law is based on the fact that property owners in Ohio are legally obligated to keep their premises safe. All landowners have a legal responsibility, called the duty of care, to keep their properties reasonably free from injury risks. If a property owner knowingly ignores a hazard, and this leads to an injury, the victim can file a lawsuit against the owner.

A property owner’s duties of care change according to the classification of visitor:

  • An invitee, such as a customer at a shopping plaza, is owed the highest standards of care. Property owners in Ohio must inspect their properties for defects, remove known hazards and warn invitees of potential risks.
  • A licensee – someone present for a nonbusiness purpose, such as a social guest – is owed the same duties of care as an invitee, other than the duty to inspect the property.
  • A trespasser does not have permission to be on a property. If the trespasser is over the age of 18, a property owner does not owe him or her any duties of care other than not to intentionally cause the individual an injury. If the trespasser is under 18, the property owner is responsible for maintaining a safe premises.

One of the first things you must do during a premises liability claim in Ohio is understand your classification as a property visitor. A lawyer can review your case to determine the duties of care owed to you. Then, a lawyer can search for evidence that the property owner breached these duties of care and caused your accident. Duty, breach, causation and damages are the four elements necessary for a premises liability lawsuit in Ohio.

What Are Common Examples of Premises Liability Accidents?

Many different types of accidents and injuries on someone else’s property could give you grounds for a premises liability lawsuit in Lima, Ohio. Our lawyers at Elk & Elk can review your accident for signs of negligence to let you know if you have a claim.

Our premises liability attorneys accept cases involving:

  • Slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Accidents related to snow or ice
  • Dog bite injuries or animal attacks
  • Staircase fall accidents
  • School, daycare and playground accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents/accidental drowning
  • Electrical malfunctions and electrocutions
  • Falling objects, such as products from shelves
  • Structural or ceiling collapses
  • Fires, explosions and related injuries
  • Inadequate security and related criminal activity

A poorly maintained property could contain many dangerous elements that cause serious visitor injuries. After such an accident, injured victims may be eligible for financial compensation.

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