Get to Know Webster, The Pawsitively Delightful Gentle Giant at Elk + Elk


Webster is the beloved companion of Elk + Elk managing partner Jay Kelley and his wife, Wendy. Webster is a mix of a Giant Schnauzer and a Standard Poodle, making him a lovable, hypoallergenic bundle of energy! He’s a big guy with an even bigger heart and likes to consider himself a lap dog. With his lightning-fast speed and a penchant for carrying around a stuffed animal and bone, Webster is a constant source of smiles and tail wags. He’s not just a dog; he’s a true friend who adds warmth to the firm.

Biography 🐶

Name: Webster

Age: 6

Birthday: December 6th

Breed: Giant Schnoodle (50% Giant Schnauzer, 50% Standard Poodle).

Random Facts 🐾

  • Webster is the ultimate hypoallergenic office superhero, ensuring sneeze-free workdays for all.
  • His happiness is contagious; there’s not a mean bone in his fluffy body!
  • A true football fan, all his siblings are named after Browns players.
  • Greeting is his specialty! Webster’s got the pawfect “paw shake” and a tail that wags out warm welcomes.


  • Webster’s a canine chatterbox, engaging in “conversations” that rival water cooler gossip.
  • He’s inseparable from his trusty stuffed animal sidekick, a plush companion for every cubicle adventure.
  • The office’s unofficial doorman, Webster, takes charge of door-opening duties with a masterful paw flick.
  • Sunrise sessions with Jay are a must – nothing like starting the workday with a peaceful view.
  • Legal thrillers and courtroom dramas are his page-turning pleasures when it’s time for a breather.


  • Rules are not his thing. Webster believes in a pawsitively free-spirited approach to office life.
  • Closed office doors? No thanks! Webster’s all about an open-door policy and ensuring no workspace feels isolated.
  • The office printer might be the world’s loudest thing – a true villain in Webster’s eyes.