Dublin Truck Accident Attorney

If you were recently injured in a truck accident in Dublin, Ohio, the trucking company or another party may be financially responsible for your injuries and financial damages. A truck accident attorney from Elk & Elk can help you protect your rights and pursue maximum compensation. Although no amount of money can ever take back a serious injury, it could help your family pay the bills and move forward. Request a free consultation with one of our Dublin personal injury lawyers today.

What a Truck Accident Attorney Does

As an injured plaintiff, you must prove your eligibility for damages if you wish to recover financially. A lawyer can help you with this complicated legal process. A lawyer can take care of many important matters on your behalf while you undergo medical treatments, including:

  • Investigate your truck accident
  • Reconstruct the crash to determine fault
  • Hire experts to testify on your behalf
  • Preserve and collect evidence, such as the truck’s black box
  • Deal with insurance companies
  • Help you prove the extent of your injuries and losses
  • Take your case to trial in Dublin, if necessary

It is especially important to retain a truck accident attorney if you have a serious injury, such as a broken bone, brain injury or spinal cord injury. Without legal representation, you may accept less than you deserve from an insurance company for a serious injury.

What Causes Commercial Truck Accidents in Ohio?

Ohio is a fault car accident state. This means you must determine fault before you can file an auto insurance claim. You will file your claim with the insurance company of the person or party at fault. A lawyer from Elk & Elk can carefully review the facts of your truck accident and revisit the scene to determine causation.

Common causes of commercial truck accidents in Ohio are:

  • Broken federal and traffic laws
  • Negligent and reckless driver behaviors
  • Drowsy truck drivers
  • Distracted truck drivers
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Trucking company negligence
  • Poor fleet maintenance
  • Lack of proper truck driver training
  • Poorly secured cargo

In 2018, 4,862 fatal traffic accidents in the U.S. involved commercial trucks (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Most serious and fatal truck accidents are preventable. If someone reasonably should have prevented your truck accident, that party is liable for your losses.

Who Is Liable for a Dublin Truck Accident?

One of the many ways in which a truck accident claim is unique in the field of personal injury law is the application of the vicarious liability rule. Vicarious liability states that an employer must speak for the negligence of its employees.

If a truck driver was employed by a truck company when he or she caused your collision, the trucking company could be vicariously liable. While this can lead to more insurance coverage available for your losses, it can also make your case more difficult to win, as a trucking company is a powerful adversary.

You may also be able to bring your injury claim against an individual truck driver if he or she was an owner/operator. Other liable parties may include a third-party driver, a government agency for an unsafe roadway or a manufacturer for a defective truck part. Discuss your case with an attorney to determine liability.

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A truck accident could cause you and your family a great deal of stress. You may face physical pain, financial strain and mental anguish in the aftermath of a collision. The truck accident lawyers at Elk & Elk can help you recover. We are compassionate attorneys in Dublin who are committed to pursuing justice on behalf of the injured.

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