Help Elk & Elk enforce the #LawsoftheLand during the 2017 Cavs Playoffs!


A home court advantage can make all of the difference during the playoffs. The atmosphere at The Q is always electric, but this year we need fans to step up their game to help our Cleveland Cavaliers DefendTheLand.

The Laws of the Land, powered by Elk & Elk, are designed to give the Cavs the ultimate home court advantage.

How will YOU enforce the Laws of the Land?

Before tip-off, all 20,562 fans inside the Q are asked to stand and join in singing the national anthem together, loudly and proudly. This bold tradition was set during the 2016 Cavs Playoffs, and it’s the perfect way to unite our fans to enforce the Laws of the Land during the game.

1. No warm welcomes in our house.

We fiercely chant " LET’S GO CAVS!" to drown out opposing player intros.

2. Stand united and loud for The Land.

We stand united and loud when our players are introduced until we score; from the start of the 2nd half until we score; WHENEVER the Cavs need us!

3. When the Cavs defend, we defend.

We scream " DEFENSE!" whenever the opposing team has the ball.

4. Free throws aren’t free in our house.

We are masters of distraction. We move, scream and stomp to make the opposing team miss.

5. Gear up. Every game, every time.

We gear up in our Cavs Playoff shirtsevery game.

Learn more about the Laws of the Land in the Official 2017 Playoff Fan Guide.