COVID-19 Cases in Nursing Homes

20% of Coronavirus Deaths Linked to Nursing Homes

According to the New York Timesas of April 17, the coronavirus has claimed at least 7,000 lives in nursing homes throughout the United States. Outbreaks have unfolded across the country. Nearly 20 percent of COVID-19 deaths are linked to nursing facilities.

More than 4,100 care center facilities nationwide may be dealing with COVID-19. Over 36,000 residents and employees have contracted the virus, and the numbers continue to grow. In fact, the figures are likely more dire – many facilities, counties and states have yet to provide detailed information.

Nursing Home Cases in Ohio on the Rise

As of April 20, there were 1,204 COVID-19 cases in long-term care facilities in Ohio. There have been at least 60 coronavirus deaths in nursing homes, but the statistics are probably much higher. The Ohio Department of Health is reporting the aggregated number of deaths in long-term care facilities by county – not by the specific facility.

Residents of long-term care outfits are the most vulnerable to serious illness or death from coronavirus. Oversights and failures have contributed to the COVID-19 crisis in nursing facilities. Virus tests and protective gear have been in short supply.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ COVID-19 recommendations for long-term care facilities can be viewed here.

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