Everything Earned Athletic Award – James F. Rhodes High School

Congratulations to the James F. Rhodes High School Boys Cross Country Team!

Elk & Elk is excited to announce our March 2016 Everything Earned Athletic Award winner. The boys cross country team at James F. Rhodes High School recently received $1,000 to benefit their program.

Elk & Elk’s Everything Earned Athletic Award was created to recognize the achievements of local high school sports teams who go above and beyond. Those who receive the award are successful in the classroom, involved in the community and excel in their athletic competitions.

The boys cross country team from James F. Rhodes High School overcame the odds during their recent season. According to Coach Courtney Maher, only two of the team’s 14 members had ever run a mile prior to the start of their training. The boys charted 100 miles during their summer practices, and the dedication paid off with a Senate League Championship.

Their accomplishments during the season were very impressive, but the story of a good deed performed by the team was what set the Rhodes Rams apart from other Everything Earned nominees.

During a run on the day of the school’s Homecoming dance, the boys came across a child who was alone and upset.

“Imagine if that happened to you when you were little…you would want somebody to help you out,” said sophomore Anthony Resto.

Members of the team stayed with the girl until the authorities could be contacted, and she was returned safely to her home.

“They were saying that we were heroes, but it was just an act of kindness,” junior Anthony Robles commented on the experience.

“It’s the things you do when you don’t think anyone’s looking that define who you are,” Partner Jay Kelley told the team as he presented them with the award.

About Elk & Elk’s Everything Earned Athletic Award

The Everything Earned Athletic Award offers deserving high school teams in Northeast Ohio the chance to earn $1,000 courtesy of Elk & Elk. The program was launched in the fall of 2015, and dozens of athletic directors from area high schools proudly nominated teams from a wide variety of sports to represent their school. Each month, Elk & Elk will select one team to receive a $1,000 award to benefit their program.

NOTE: Nominations for the 2015-2016 Everything Earned contest are now closed. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates about future contests.