What causes road rage?

Almost every driver in Washington and other U.S. states has witnessed more than one incident of road rage. Whether because of running late for work, feeling out of control or being under a tremendous amount of stress, drivers can easily lose their tempers. Their detrimental behaviors often come with serious repercussions, both to themselves and other drivers.

Several factors cause road rage incidents. The anger road rage drivers experience often stems from traffic congestion. In this situation, frustration can quickly rise with every passing minute whether traffic is moving at a snail’s pace or not at all.

The stress of running behind schedule can also contribute to road rage incidents. The turmoil that comes from a lack of time can cause some drivers to experience a tremendous amount of tension that eventually explodes into road rage.

Being stuck behind the wheel for extended periods can cause some drivers to feel detached from others. When drivers begin to feel isolated from other people on the road, the tendency to feel unaccountable to others or disobey traffic laws can arise.

While the above examples explain why road rage incidents frequently occur, none of these reasons is an excuse for this dangerous driving behavior. Each time a driver gives in to road rage, everyone they share the road with is instantly put into danger.

Drivers who engage in reckless behavior may face an array of legal consequences. This is especially true if a road rage incident leads to the victimization of another driver. Victims of road rage incidents may have to pay for expensive medical bills and damage to their vehicles. Some car accident injuries can lead to lost wages due to the inability to work. The pain and suffering associated with an accident can also be difficult to manage. If you’ve been the victim of road rage, consider speaking to an attorney with experience in car accidents.