Nursing home abuse and neglect case results

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Case Results

$500,000 Recovery for the family of a nursing home patient who was dropped by a private ambulance attendant during transport back from a dialysis session. He fell and hit his head and suffered a brain injury. He died one month later. R. Craig McLaughlin
$450,000 81-year-old Plaintiff was not secured properly while traveling in a vehicle and fell from her wheelchair, resulting in fractures to her knees and back. Phillip Kuri
$450,000 Nursing home staff members failed to follow safety protocols, dropping Plaintiff. The 77-year-old woman suffered lacerations and a hip fracture. Phillip Kuri
$400,000 Recovery for the family of an 82-year-old nursing home resident who was totally dependent on nursing home staff for all of her needs, but was left unattended on a portable toilet. She fell and hit her head and suffered a brain injury. She died two days later. R. Craig McLaughlin
$350,000 78-year-old resident in a nursing home suffered a fall resulting in facial bone fractures and death. William Campbell
$275,000 Plaintiff got out of bed to use the restroom and his alarm malfunctioned. A resident neighbor said she heard the Plaintiff screaming for help after he fell but no one responded until she used her call light. Plaintiff sustained a compression fracture and died within 13 days of the fall. William Campbell
$190,000 Estate of a client who suffered a hip fracture at a nursing home and subsequently passed away. Egan Kilbane
$150,000 Estate of a client who suffered from the progression of a decubitus “pressure ulcer” while in a nursing facility, and subsequently passed away. Egan Kilbane
$100,000 While in a nursing home, the 86-year-old Plaintiff fell and hurt her head. When her son came to visit four hours later, the staff said they were waiting for a mobile X-ray, but didn’t think she was hurt. Son says that he could see the break in her hip and demanded she went to emergency room. Client sustained a broken left hip and slight concussion and required surgery to repair hip. William Campbell