Dogs are not the only pet that can attack

When people think of animal bites, they often think of dog bites. This is especially true when we think about pet bites.

However, other types of pets can bite, too. And like a dog bite, they can lead to severe injuries and massive medical bills. For instance, one woman attempted to feed a cat that bit her finger. What started with a small gesture of kindness turned into a major debacle with the woman facing over $48,000 in medical bills.

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5 essential tips for seniors to avoid falls

Falls are unpredictable. As we age, they become potentially more dangerous. A fall can result in a wide range of serious injuries, including back injuries, broken hips or limbs or a traumatic brain injury.

Falls are especially common in the winter, when sidewalks and outdoor surfaces are often covered with a layer of ice and snow.

Let’s take a look at five effective ways to avoid falls:

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Are narcissists as good at driving as they think they are?

We probably all know someone who thinks they are a much better driver than everyone else. They maintain that everyone else on the road is disrespectful, slow and bad at driving. They are the only ones who know how to drive well.

However, these same drivers who admire their own driving capabilities above all others could actually be quite dangerous.

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Ohio taking steps to protect Amish buggies

Ohio has a significant Amish population, with nearly 60,000 Amish living throughout the state. The counties with the highest Amish populations include Holmes County and Geauga County.

Since the Amish do not use motor vehicles, they typically travel by horse and buggy. Ohio motorists must accommodate Amish buggies. For example, they should leave a few feet of space when behind a stopped buggy, as the buggy may back up slightly before moving forward. Motorists must also drive with extreme caution on highways that are also used by the Amish.

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Did you suffer health problems after an MRI? This could be the reason

Each year millions of MRIs are performed across the U.S. This common procedure helps doctors diagnose health problems and injuries by using powerful magnets and radio waves to create detailed images of the body. Continue reading “Did you suffer health problems after an MRI? This could be the reason”

Do passengers put you at risk of a crash?

Riding with other people in the car is something many of us do every day, whether the other people in the car are our children, carpoolers, friends or an Uber driver. In fact, it may be more common than ever for people to ride-share or carpool.

Considering how often people ride in the car with others, it can be crucial to understand the risks that passengers can present. Studies show that riding with more than one passenger can double the likelihood of an accident. Knowing this can help drivers and passengers alike adjust their behaviors to stay safer.

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The dangers of giving birth in the U.S.

Expectant mothers hope for a smooth delivery and healthy baby. But shockingly, the United States is trailing other developed nations in many areas when it comes to maternal death rates, premature delivery rates, and infant mortality.

A four-year investigation by USA Today found that the United States is the most dangerous place in the developed world to give birth. Every year in the U.S., approximately 700 mothers die and 50,000 are injured during or after giving birth.

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What happened at Mount Carmel?

A former Columbus doctor is in the news for his horrific acts that have affected dozens of families.

Dr. William Husel started working in the Intensive Care Unit as an anesthesiologist at Mount Carmel West Hospital in 2013. He has been described by employees as well-respected.

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Hospital injuries may lead to claims besides malpractice

Hospitals are supposed to be the places we go to get better. And typically, people exit a care facility feeling better than they did when they walked in.

However, that’s not always the case. Some people suffer serious injuries or illnesses while they are in the hospital. And while this can happen as a result of medical malpractice, it can also happen because hospitals are like any other buildings: potential sites for an accident.

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Ohio traffic fatalities down in 2018

Driving is probably the most risky thing the average person will do on any given day.

We already know that drivers in Ohio are not among the safest in the country. QuoteWizard, an insurance comparison website, recently released its Best and Worst Drivers By State list, where Ohio came in as the 8th most dangerous state to drive.

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