Dangerous toys of 2018

Every year, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) Education Fund publishes a report detailing findings from a survey on toy safety.

This year, the PIRG’s survey included 40 toys. Of those, 15 were found to be potentially unsafe or hazardous due to:

  • Choking hazards
  • Small parts
  • Balloons (which pose the greatest threat of a choking)
  • Magnets (potentially dangerous if swallowed)
  • The presence of boron
  • The presence of lead
  • Being potentially privacy-invasive (in some smart toys or connected toys)

Thousands of new toys are manufactured every year. The PIRG survey only looked at 40 of them. Here are some of the toys that were mentioned in the report:

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Why do doctors give premature babies caffeine?

Premature births are not uncommon in the U.S. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that roughly 1 in 10 babies is born too early. However, that doesn’t mean it is any less frightening or overwhelming for new parents.

Under these circumstances, it can be easy for parents to feel confused and defensive when it comes to the care their baby receives. Because as much as parents want to protect their baby, the care a premature baby receives in a hospital can seem unusual or counterintuitive.

For instance, did you know that doctors often give premature babies caffeine?

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Worldwide traffic safety and roadway accident statistics

We often look at local or national car accident statistics. But worldwide car accident statistics are more difficult to come by.

The World Health Organization recently released information about worldwide traffic-related deaths. This includes car drivers and passengers as well as pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. Some of the interesting statistics were:

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How to avoid holiday injuries – as told by your favorite Christmas movies

The holiday season is one of the most magical times of the year. From decorations and new toys to food and festivities, we all have reasons to be excited for the coming weeks.

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Despite improved tech, truck accident rates remain high

Commercial transportation is a vital element of our economy, and the need for safe vehicles and safe drivers is as critical as ever. Unfortunately, despite massive improvements in driving technology in recent years, accidents involving commercial trucks continue to happen.

In fact, according to this recent article, accident rates have either stayed steady or increased for light-duty and larger trucks in 2018.

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Medical record errors: What to do when you notice one

Anyone who has visited a doctor or undergone a medical treatment knows how much paperwork is involved. Medical providers must be meticulous in their documentation. Failure to do so can have wide-reaching and long-lasting consequences.

But the reality is, mistakes are often made on medical records. The patient may not may not notice the mistake, but that doesn’t mean he or she won’t be affected by it.

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Google Street View cars being used to detect gas leaks

Gas leaks are extremely common in the United States. Many gas lines are decades old, and these older pipes are more likely to leak.

A gas leak can result in a catastrophic explosion or fire.

But even when a gas leak does not result in an explosion or fire, they can still be problematic.

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Toys to avoid giving this holiday season

The last thing people want to do this holiday is spend money on a gift for someone that causes serious injuries – especially to children. Unfortunately, it can and does happen: Every three minutes, a child goes to the hospital with toy-related injuries. As such, avoiding defective or potentially dangerous toys this holiday will be crucial.

Groups like World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc., (WATCH) put together a list of the worst toys of the year to make it easier to avoid dangerous products.

The list from WATCH includes:

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What are ‘never events’?

Doctors and nurses often use percentages to discuss the likelihood of certain events or outcomes. And rarely in these discussions will you hear a zero or 100 percent. In any procedure or course of treatment, there is room for risk and miracles, so rarely will people hear guarantees when it comes to health care.

But the phrase “never say never” rings true here, as there are, in fact, certain things that should never happen in medicine. These are “never events” and they refer to acts and situations that are so egregious and preventable that they should never occur.

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