The lingering and devastating consequences of medical malpractice

Medical errors affect hundreds of thousands of people every year. An estimated 250,000 people die as a result of these errors every year, according to data analysis from experts on patient safety from Johns Hopkins.

However, even if a patient survives a medical mistake or misdiagnosis, they can still suffer considerable damages that affect every area of their lives. In these situations, taking legal action to pursue compensation for these damages can be critical.

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Truck drivers and sleep apnea

Truck DriverTruck drivers have a responsibility to safely operate 40,000+ pound vehicles. Considering the size and power of these vehicles – especially when comparing to much smaller passenger vehicles – one mistake could mean catastrophic results.

Unfortunately, truck drivers are among the millions of Americans who struggle with sleep apnea.

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Surprising elements affecting self-driving cars

In recent years, we have been reading a lot about self-driving cars, and there is no shortage of promising, enticing details. We hear that they could reduce accidents caused by drunk, drowsy or distracted drivers; we learn that they can react faster than humans; we are told they could revolutionize the transportation industry. Understandably, a lot of people are eager to get self-driving vehicles out on the roads.

However, while Ohioans may be ready for automated cars, the cars may not be ready for Ohio.

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Alternative transportation options for older adults

Senior TransportationHaving a car and driving is something many of us take for granted.

For senior drivers who are about to stop driving, the loss of independence can be a difficult thing to go through.

Fortunately, there are transportation options available to help seniors get around, attend medical appointments, run errands, etc. Learning what ride options are available and figuring out how to use them can be overwhelming. But with practice and help from friends and family members, this is not an impossible task.

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Beds in nursing homes could be a threat to patient safety

When an elderly loved one needs personal care and medical attention that spouses or family members cannot provide, they often move to a nursing home facility. These facilities typically have the staff, resources and equipment that can make life more comfortable for a patient.

However, accidents can happen in nursing homes, particularly when conditions are substandard and staff is lacking or negligent. For instance, did you know that a nursing home patient’s bed could pose a threat to his or her safety?

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What are the updated car seat guidelines?

Baby SeatChoosing a car seat, properly installing it, and ensuring that it meets current safety guidelines: These are all important tasks – and potential challenges – for parents and caregivers with young children.

A car seat can protect a child in the event of a motor vehicle accident, potentially preventing serious injuries and deaths.

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