How do Ohio truck driver salaries compare to other states?

Truck DriverWhen it comes to the salaries of truck drivers, how do Ohio truck drivers compare to other truck drivers across the country?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salaries of truck drivers around the U.S. varies greatly. There is a $17,670 difference between the highest and lowest ranked states.

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School bus safety tips everyone should know

All across Ohio, students are heading back to school. This means we are starting to see a lot more school buses on the road.

Whether your child rides a bus or you are sharing the road with a school bus, you should understand some basic precautions you can take to ensure everyone gets where they need to be safely.

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What to do if you’re hurt by a dangerous product

By William J. Price

A machine at work. A curling iron at home. A defective seat belt in your car.

dangerous productEach of these items – and many others you use on a daily basis – has the potential to hurt you or your loved ones. If you’ve been seriously injured by a dangerous product, you may be able to hold the manufacturer or supplier accountable. Continue reading “What to do if you’re hurt by a dangerous product”

Why fall risks in nursing homes shouldn’t be ignored

Wheelchair Falls at nursing homes and retirement homes are a real safety concern.

Many nursing home residents are in the facility because of decreased mobility. Many are no longer able to walk or even stand on their own. Falling is a real possibility, and can have devastating effects.

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Signs of a drugged, impaired driver

Every driver knows that driving drunk is dangerous and illegal. And most people are familiar with the signs that a driver is drunk, from slurred speech to erratic movements or swerving behind the wheel.

However, there is another problem that is just as dangerous as driving drunk: drugged driving. Unfortunately, people are less familiar with the signs of a driver impaired by drugs, and testing for this type of impairment can take longer and be more complicated than testing for intoxication.

Because of this, Ohio law enforcement agencies are working to improve their drug recognition resources. Recently, hundreds of Ohio officers completed training to become Drug Recognition Experts who can identify signs that a driver is under the influence of marijuana, opioids, cocaine and other dangerous substances.

So, what do these experts look for?

There are numerous signs that a person may be impaired by drugs, including:

  • A person’s behavior
  • Slow or rapid pulse
  • Slurred or incoherent speech patterns
  • Certain types of eye movement, like an inability to cross the eyes
  • Pupil size
  • Presence of an injection site
  • Muscle rigidity

Identifying these and other signs can lead a DRE to believe a person is impaired by drugs. This information can be crucial in the aftermath of an accident involving the allegedly impaired driver, which is why it is important to call police after an accident.

Unfortunately, the issue of drugged driving is not going away. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal accidents involving a drugged driver have increased in the last 20 years.

If you are involved in an accident with a driver who may have been impaired by drugs at the time, you may want to explore your legal options, particularly if you experienced severe physical injuries or non-economic damages.

Two important ideas to keep in mind when answering questions in a deposition

continuing legal educationBy William J. Price

If you’re ever forced to file a lawsuit, there are many steps you’ll need to take with your lawyer before the claim can be resolved.

Before your case goes to trial, you’ll typically be asked to take part in a deposition. This step in the discovery process gives lawyers from both sides the opportunity to find out what their witnesses know about the incident and to make a record of these testimonies. The lawyers participating in the deposition will usually ask questions based upon the issues a jury will need to decide in a trial. Continue reading “Two important ideas to keep in mind when answering questions in a deposition”

Taking a look at Ohio’s most dangerous company

Construction WorkersWorkers should never fear for their safety while on the job. But one Ohio company is known to be an especially dangerous place to work.

JK Excavating, in Mason, Ohio, was the only Ohio company named to OSHA’s The Dirty Dozen 2018: Employer Who Put Workers And Communities At Risk. The company was recently in the spotlight because of a tragic on-the-job death.

Zachary Hess, an employee of JK Excavating, died at work in a trench collapse in December of 2017.

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What should happen after a dog bites someone in Ohio?

Ohioans spend a lot of time outside during the summer, whether they are doing yardwork, walking around the neighborhood or eating outside on a restaurant patio. And for the most part, these outdoor excursions are fun – or at least uneventful.

That can all change if a person is bitten by a dog. Unfortunately, a dog bite can ruin more than a person’s summer, so it is crucial that victims take action.

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3 tips for talking to an aging driver about driving safety

Senior DriverA recent study by the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety found that 83 percent of older drivers never initiate a conversation about driving safety with a family member, doctor or concerned loved one.

The Foundation is recommending that family members talk to their loved ones early about aging and driving safety. Talking to a loved one before safety is a concern is one way to avoid a sudden, panicked conversation.

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Shopping for school supplies? Stay away from these

In a matter of weeks, children across Ohio will be back in the classroom. That means parents are getting out to do their back-to-school shopping to purchase the things their kids need to have a good start to the new year.

If you are among these parents, you should be aware of some potentially hazardous school supplies that you should avoid.

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