7 Ways to stay cool at work

Carpenter HotThere’s no question that the summer heat can be dangerous if you work outside. Construction and farm workers, for example, may spend their whole work day outdoors. High temperatures pose an equal threat to some indoor jobs, such as cooking or manufacturing. Wherever you work, it’s important to avoid getting overheated or dehydrated.

Here are some simple tips to help you stay cool on the jobsite:

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Bicyclists: Is it time to update your equipment?

Did you know that over 80,000 bicyclists went to the emergency room in 2015 for head injuries? Or that 840 riders died in accidents in 2016?

Considering the massive number of people injured or killed while riding a bicycle in the U.S. every year, it is crucial to understand what steps we can take to prevent bicycling accidents and keep riders safe.

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How to get your identity back after falling victim to a scam

Scam Identify

Identity theft, phone scams, internet scams and similar practices are very common. Scammers are very good at what they do, and can fool even the most careful of consumers.

Unfortunately, much damage can be done in these types of scams: People can lose a lot of money and sensitive personal information may be obtained. It is advisable for the victim of identity theft or a scam to take immediate action.

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What to do if a child or animal is trapped in a hot car

hot carOn average 37 children die of heatstroke in unattended cars each year in the United States. Temperatures inside vehicles can spike to dangerous levels in minutes, and children experience the effects of overheating much more quickly than adults.

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3 ways to keep kids safe in home swimming pools

Movies portray drowning as loud, attention-grabbing incidents, with victims splashing and calling for help until a bystander comes to the rescue. In reality, drowning is often a silent killer that happens too quickly and quietly for anyone to intervene. Continue reading “3 ways to keep kids safe in home swimming pools”

Why July is the most dangerous month for surgeries

medical malpracticeDid you know July is the most dangerous month to undergo surgery?

At teaching hospitals across the country, July 1 generally marks the first day on the job for medical school graduates beginning their residencies. While teaching hospitals do their best to create a safe and seamless transition, studies have raised concerns about the “July effect” – the suspected link between the start of the residency period and increased risks of surgical complications and medical errors. Continue reading “Why July is the most dangerous month for surgeries”

5 tips for preventing hot car deaths

hot car deathWhen stories about hot car deaths make headlines, most parents have the same reactions:

That would never happen to my child.

Only a careless parent could put their little ones in that situation.

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Motorists and road workers: Working together to avoid accidents

Ohio residents know that summertime is synonymous with road construction. In fact, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation, nearly 8,000 projects are slated for this season.

And whether you are a motorist navigating roads under construction or the workers tackling projects to improve roadways, safety should be a top priority this summer.

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How to recognize signs of elder abuse

Elderly ManIt’s a top priority for most adults to ensure that a parent or elderly loved one is well looked after by an accountable caregiver. Yet, multiple studies estimate that more than 1 in 10 seniors in the United States have experienced elder abuse.

Elder abuse can occur in nursing homes, retirement homes, in private homes, and elsewhere. No matter where it occurs, it should be taken seriously.

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Avoid these common summertime accidents

For a lot of people, summertime means more time spent outside, enjoying various warm-weather activities and adventures.

Unfortunately, summertime can also be a time of increased likelihood of accidents and injuries. More time spent in pools, outdoors, and doing recreational activities means more opportunities for these incidents to happen.

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