3 Myths about distracted driving

3 Myths about distracted drivingWhen it comes to distracted driving, many people think that they are the exception to the rule: That they can safely text while driving, talk on a cell phone while driving, and engage in other forms of distracted driving.

But this is dangerous thinking: No one is truly safe while distracted driving.

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How to use Emergency SOS on iPhone

How to use Emergency SOS on iPhoneIn emergency situations, it is comforting to know that help is just a phone call away. Now, it’s easier than ever for many smartphone users to do this.

A new feature on iPhone, part of the iOS 11 update, allows users to easily and discreetly contact emergency services.

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Social Security Disability claims can take years. But why?

How long does an SSD claim take?After having Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) premiums automatically deducted from each paycheck, many Ohio residents are surprised to discover how difficult it is to get a decision on collecting disability benefits, despite a diagnosed qualifying medical condition.

According to an exposé printed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, thousands of Ohio workers who have applied for SSDI benefits are waiting months and years for a decision on their claim, in large part due to federal underfunding and the current bureaucratic process. The current claims system requires claimants to present their case in front of a judge, who then must weigh the evidence before making a decision. In many cases, the slightest flaw in the claim can result in a denial, pending further clarification.

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Elk & Elk’s Amy Papesh to Discuss Asset Management at Upcoming Probate Seminar

Elk & Elk attorney Amy Papesh will share her extensive experience in probate and asset management at an upcoming National Business Institute live seminar in Akron.

estate planningNBI’s “PROBATE: Everything You Need to Know.” takes place on Thursday, March 8, and Friday, March 9, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. at Doubletree Hotel Akron – Fairlawn. The program is approved for 13.25 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit hours, including one hour of attorney ethics instruction. Continue reading “Elk & Elk’s Amy Papesh to Discuss Asset Management at Upcoming Probate Seminar”

Apple making it easier to access medical records

Medical PaperworkThe process of gathering medical records can be overwhelming, to say the least. It brings to mind piles of paperwork and significant time spent gathering information from clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and medical providers.

Fortunately, advances in technology are making this process more streamlined – and much easier for consumers.

A recent technological advancement on Apple’s Health app allows consumers to keep their health records and data all in one place – on their phones.

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