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The logos below may not be electronically or manually altered, stretched, outlined, given drop shadows or enclosed in shapes that appear to be a part of the symbol identity. There are two different versions of each logo. One without the tagline "Serious Lawyers for Serious Injuries®" and one with it. Download the Brand Guidelines book.

The registration mark logo should be used whenever possible, when it appears online or in print as a brand, in an advertising or marketing setting to promote legal services, rather than to refer to the firm itself. Do not use the "®" next to Elk & Elk when spelling out the firm's entire name, "Elk & Elk Co., Ltd." The "®" cannot be used, if "Elk & Elk Co., LTD." is not mentioned anywhere in the document.

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Blue: eps jpg tif

Black: eps jpg tif

White: eps tif


Blue: eps jpg tif

without tag: eps jpg tif

with tag: eps jpg tif

To download, right click the link and save as.