Truck and motorcycle accident case results

Truck and motorcycle accidents tend to result in severe injuries because motorcycle riders are unprotected and semi-trucks are so large. In both instances, victims can be seriously or fatally injured. At Elk & Elk, Co., Ltd. our lawyers understand not only the medical issues involved in catastrophic accidents, but also have access to the best specialists in accident reconstruction, mechanics, and motor vehicle safety.

All lawsuits are different and Elk & Elk makes no representation or promises that it can obtain the same results in other cases. These results do not guarantee, warrant, or predict the outcome of any future legal matter. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

$2,761,228.15 Verdict was against an automotive part and machining store for breach of the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose for the sale of a defective motorcycle axle that fractured in two on a county road without warning resulting in a death of the operator and severe permanent injuries to the passenger. Gary Cowan and Kim Young
$1,850,000 Client, age 59, suffered severe and permanent injuries in a motor vehicle accident where the Defendant’s semi-tractor trailer went left on center while rounding a curve in the road on a two-lane highway. The entire left side of the client’s body was crushed as a result of the impact. His injuries included a head injury, fractured facial bones, a punctured lung, multiple broken ribs, lacerated spleen, and shattered elbow and knee which required numerous surgeries. As a result of his injuries, he was unable to return to work. Matthew Carty
$1,450,000 A traffic control zone was improperly designed and maintained, which resulted in a motorcyclist sustaining a traumatic brain injury. William Price
$1,025,000 Our 42-year-old client was killed when the motorcycle he was operating collided with a trailer that came unattached from the vehicle towing it crossing over into his lane of travel. Gary Cowan
$1,050,000 Recovery for a man who was hit in a head-on collision by a speeding commercial truck. He suffered multiple fractures of his legs, lacerations to his spleen and kidneys, and other injuries in the crash. R. Craig McLaughlin Co-Counsel: Todd Rosenberg
$1,100,000 Motor vehicle accident resulting in the wrongful death of a police officer. The Plaintiff worked as a police officer and was picking up debris on the road when the Defendant, who was driving a truck, hit the Plaintiff and dragged him along the roadway. This resulted in the death of the Plaintiff. William Price
$650,000 Recovery for the family of a truck driver who was killed instantly when his truck was hit by another truck. R. Craig McLaughlin
$620,000 Jury verdict for a man who was injured when a truck clipped another car during an improper lane change, causing it to spin out and strike the client’s car. He suffered two herniated disks in his lower back that required multiple surgeries and left him unable to return to work. The last offer from the insurance company before the trial was $50,000. R. Craig McLaughlin
$575,000 Recovery for a Kentucky delivery truck driver who suffered a fractured ankle that required multiple surgeries when a tow truck operator dropped a heavy slab of granite during unloading of a flatbed trailer. R. Craig McLaughlin
$525,000 Recovery for an elderly woman who was being transported in a nursing home van and suffered a fractured neck when another car ran a stop sign and struck the van. R. Craig McLaughlin
$510,000 Plaintiff was a dock worker injured in a fall in Medina County when a truck driver pulled his trailer forward without permission and notice. Plaintiff sustained comminuted fractures of the lower tibia and fibula as well as his ankle and underwent 2 operations. Gary Cowan
$450,000 Our 18-year-old client was seriously injured after she was sideswiped on the highway by a tractor-trailer and forced off the road and into the woods. Gary Cowan
$450,000 Wrongful death of a 20-year-old passenger in a semi that lost control and plummeted over a steep embankment in southern Ohio. Gary Cowan
$321,000 Our client suffered cervical disc herniation, which required surgery after the driver of a tractor-trailer turned in front of the Victim’s vehicle, causing a collision. Matthew Carty
$250,000 The Defendant failed to yield at a left turn and hit the Plaintiff, who was riding a motorcycle, head on. Our Client suffered lacerations to the forehead, road rash, arm and back injuries, and a fractured right leg, which required surgery. William Price
$175,000 Our client suffered a severe concussion, brain bleeding and back and neck injuries when he was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer, forcing his vehicle off the road. Matthew Carty