Medical malpractice case results

Elk & Elk Co., Ltd. is known for its use of medical experts in cases involving injury or death because of negligence by a provider. In fact, our firm even has in-house nurses to advise you and help with your case. Like everyone, you expect your doctor or another medical professional to provide you with the care you need. When something goes wrong because the standard of care is not met, you do have options. Read on to learn how we have helped countless other people just like you.

All lawsuits are different and Elk & Elk makes no representation or promises that it can obtain the same results in other cases. These results do not guarantee, warrant, or predict the outcome of any future legal matter. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

$10,000,000 Our client suffered paralysis as a result of negligence during surgery to correct severe scoliosis. Jay Kelley
$9,750,000 Misplaced catheter in NICU results in global brain and spine injury. Jay KelleyEgan KilbaneKim Young
$7,300,000 Surgical complication resulting in global brain injury. Jay Kelley
$6,300,000 Patient suffered a hypoxic brain injury in post-operative recovery room due to failure to timely recognize respiratory distress and intubate the patient. The verdict was reduced pursuant to tort reform damage caps. Jay KelleyEgan KilbanePhillip Kuri
$6,000,000 Paralytic agent administered to ICU patient. The drug was a “Look-alike/ sound-alike” medication. Jay Kelley
$4,750,000 Failure to appropriately respond to changes in fetal tracing resulting in HIE / CP in newborn. Jay Kelley
$3,500,000 Client undergoing heart surgery sustained a permanent brain injury. Phillip Kuri
$1,950,000 Delay in diagnosing epidermal hematoma which resulted in partial paralysis, 2016. Kimberly Young
$1,800,000 Botched sinus surgery of 16-year-old client results in chronic headaches and developmental delays. Jay Kelley and Arthur Elk
$1,500,000 Delay in diagnosing breast cancer. Jay Kelley
$1,100,000 A late cancer diagnosis of our 54-year-old client results in stage-4 tongue cancer. Jay Kelley
$875,000 A baby from Lucas County suffered brain damage when the doctor negligently performed a C-section. The mother had scar tissue from a previous abdominal surgery and the doctor negligently failed to remove scar tissue before cutting into the mother’s uterus to deliver the baby. The doctor also failed to have a second experienced doctor present to assist her during this difficult delivery. A verdict on the issue of liability only was won in the Ohio Court of Claim and then the case was resolved at a settlement conference. R. Craig McLaughlin
$800,000 Client recovering in rehab facility wasn’t properly monitored during anticoagulation therapy leading to a brain bleed and death. Phillip Kuri
$750,000 Deceased client who succumbed to complications following a vascular injury during elective, minimally invasive surgery to address gastro-esophageal reflux (GERD). During the procedure, the surgeon unknowingly cut her portal vein, hepatic artery, and common bile duct. After the injury was recognized she received a liver transplant, but was unable to recover and died of complications secondary to massive blood loss. Egan Kilbane
$530,000 Estate of a patient who succumbed to complications due to hypocalcemia due to the inadvertent and unrecognized removal of her parathyroid glands. Egan Kilbane
$350,000 78-year-old resident in a nursing home suffered a fall resulting in facial bone fractures and death. William Campbell
$350,000 Optometrist failed to diagnose open-angle glaucoma in our client that resulted in permanent partial vision loss in both eyes. R. Craig McLaughlin
$100,000 Nursing home neglect causes a concussion and broken hip requiring surgery. William Campbell