Car accident case results

For more than 50 years, we have focused our extensive resources on representing people injured in car accidents. We have handled thousands of these cases, and earned over 1 billion dollars in settlements and/or verdicts.

Although the amounts listed below do not presume success or value in your case, they demonstrate our success in earning meaningful results for our clients. These resolutions pay for medical bills/needs, wages lost, job retraining, housing modifications, in-home nursing and individual needs of each client.

All lawsuits are different and Elk & Elk makes no representation or promises that it can obtain the same results in other cases. These results do not guarantee, warrant, or predict the outcome of any future legal matter. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

$7,100,000 Recovery for an Ohio woman who was rear-ended by a SUV at a high rate of speed on an Indiana highway. She suffered a traumatic brain injury, fractures in her middle back, herniated discs in her lower back, multiple rib fractures, and other injuries in the collision that prevented her from continuing her career as an administrative assistant. R. Craig McLaughlin
$4,750,000 Truck crash, caused catastrophic orthopedic injury. John O’Neil
$4,700,000 A motorist sustained a crushing injury to his ankle, leaving him permanently disabled for the remainder of his life after a head-on collision with another vehicle. William Price
$4,500,000 Our 72 year old client was struck by a truck in a parking lot. She suffered numerous, severe orthopedic injuries. John O’Neil
$3,650,000 Truck accident where a floor mat (product defect) caused unintentional acceleration, causing severe and permanent injuries. John O’Neil and Phillip Kuri
$2,300,000 Highway crash, caused significant permanent orthopedic and neurologic injury. John O’Neil
$1,900,000 Our 39-year-old client was killed when her vehicle was struck by the defendant’s vehicle after going left of center. Matthew Carty
$1,250,000 Recovery for a man who was seriously injured when a pick-up truck was negligently backed into a barn door and the door fell on him. He suffered a fractured back, fractured foot, multiple rib fractures, ruptured spleen, lacerated liver, and other injuries. R. Craig McLaughlin
$1,100,000 Motor vehicle accident resulting in the wrongful death of a police officer The Plaintiff worked as a police officer and was picking up debris in the road when the Defendant, who was driving a truck, hit the Plaintiff and dragged him along the roadway. This resulted in the death of the Plaintiff. William Price
$1,085,000 Recovery for a woman involved in a multiple vehicle crash on an Ohio interstate. She suffered a lacerated liver, rib fractures, ankle fracture, bruised lung, abdominal compartment syndrome and other injuries in the collision. R. Craig McLaughlin
$1,050,000 Motorist sustained a sideswipe accident and was ultimately struck in a head-on collision causing him to die at the age of nineteen. William Price
$800,000 Recovery for a woman who was a passenger in a van that was struck by a truck that failed to stop for a red light. She suffered a fractured neck and herniated disk and was unable to work again. R. Craig McLaughlin
$700,000 Recovery for a man who was hit from behind by a car while he was on a tractor driving down a country road. He suffered a fractured back and was unable to work again. R. Craig McLaughlin
$675,000 Our client suffered a broken arm and leg, and significant injuries to his back as a result of being struck head-on by a drunk driver who went left of center. Michael Eisner
$620,000 Jury verdict for a man who was injured when a truck clipped another car during an improper lane change, causing it to spin out and strike the client’s car. He suffered two herniated disks in his lower back that required multiple surgeries and left him unable to return to work. The last offer from the insurance company before the trial was $50,000. R. Craig McLaughlin
$470,000 Our 17-year-old client suffered serious injuries and a brain injury when the car he was a passenger in, struck a pole. R. Craig McLaughlin
$425,000 Motor vehicle accident where our client suffered a fractured dominant left wrist requiring 3 operations and missed over a year from work. Kevin Lenson
$385,000 A 46-year-old male was struck while placing tables back into a pick-up truck on a four-lane roadway. He sustained a comminuted right tibia/fibula fracture, left tibia/fibula fracture, fracture/dislocation of the right shoulder and fractures of L2 and L3 transverse processes. Gary Cowan
$323,000 Defendant’s flatbed truck went left of center and hit Plaintiff. Plaintiff sustained lumbar radiculopathy, lumbar disc displacement, right wrist fracture and a triangular fibrocartilaginous complex tear, which required surgery. Michael Eisner
$302,166.67 Defendant truck driver was attempting to make an illegal u-turn and pulled into the path of the vehicle in which Plaintiff was riding. A high-speed impact resulted in fractures to the femur and tibia-fibula requiring internal fixation. The injured person made a good recovery, and the physicians indicated that he would not have any long-term effects from the fractures. The truck driver attempted to blame the other driver. Michael Eisner
$275,000 Our 19-year-old client sustained a closed head injury after he was struck by a motor vehicle on the side of the road; he died six weeks later after slipping into a coma. Gary Cowan
$255,000 Our client was the passenger in a vehicle involved in a single-car accident. He suffered a ruptured spleen and coccyx fracture. William Campbell
$225,000 Plaintiff injured (pedestrian) in a parking lot in Montgomery County when a vehicle backed up into him, crushing his knee and injuring his rotator cuff. Arthroscopic surgeries to repair ACL and rotator cuff.
$130,000 Plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a fractured skull and concussion. Matthew Carty
$130,000 Plaintiff injured when his vehicle collided with another vehicle partially blocking the roadway in Fairfield County. Soft tissue injuries. Gary Cowan