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Birth Injury Lawyers Who Help The Entire Family

Sympathetic attorneys who know what you're going through

Birth injuries affect the injured child, his or her parents and siblings, and the extended family. If the child goes to school, the other students and teachers are affected. If the child is unable to work upon becoming an adult, the whole community suffers in a variety of ways.

One way to reduce the incidence of birth injuries is to hold providers accountable through the civil justice system. Filing a lawsuit against a doctor, nurse or other medical professional, hospital or clinic can result in providers acting with heightened care when treating patients. The attorneys at Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., handle birth injury cases, helping injured babies and their families obtain compensation for their damages and expenses.

The Birth Injury Cases We Handle

Our law firm has been successful with a wide range of cases involving injuries to children during birth. These include:

We also handle cases involving the wrongful death of a baby. Whatever the nature of the case, clients can rely on us to use our considerable resources and experience to construct the strongest possible case while being highly sensitive to the trauma that the whole family is experiencing.

Attorneys With Experience And Resources

Our law firm relies on both our in-house medical staff as well as external medical specialists who help us identify negligent parties and calculate the long-term expenses that your baby will incur over the course of his or her lifetime. Although no amount of money can fully compensate your child for the damage he or she has suffered, having the financial resources to purchase the best possible treatment and equipment can go a long way to helping your child live as fully as possible.

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