Are workers’ rights further limited after recent Supreme Court decision?

Employees who have grievances against their employers may now be limited in their ability to take legal action. A recent Supreme Court decision could affect more than 25 million people, including both employees and employers.

In Epic Systems Corp v. Lewis, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 majority that employers could limit the rights of employees who wish to take legal action against them. Companies can now force employees to settle disputes through independent arbitration.  Employees may no longer have the option to settle a complaint in court.

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Helmet technology reduces bicyclists’ injury risk

We all know that helmets save lives, but have you ever considered how the particular design of a helmet may impact its performance in the event of a bicycle accident?

A new study has determined big differences in the protection a helmet’s design can provide against a concussion. New anti-concussion helmet technology may help protect cyclists from a wider range of head injuries.

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Taking legal action after a crash with a speeding driver

We’ve all seen them: Drivers who speed by us on the highway or come racing up behind us on a busy road. These are drivers who follow us too closely, race through intersections and weave in and out of traffic. Often, just seeing a driver like this on the road can make anyone feel worried about their safety.

Driving dangerously is a big problem in every state, and every state has penalties of speeding and reckless driving. Unfortunately, these consequences aren’t enough to stop many drivers from driving too fast, especially here in Ohio.

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Injured over the Fourth of July? Know your legal options

The Fourth of July might be behind us now, but fallout from the holiday could still be ahead for any person who was seriously injured as a result of a celebratory-related accident. More could be on the way, too, as people continue to observe the holiday going into the weekend.

There are many types of injuries that are unfortunately common, especially during summertime holidays like the Fourth of July.

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