What will my car accident cost?

by Arthur Elk

iStock_000004114467SmallCar accidents are devastating events that can change the course of the victim’s life in an instant. Not only can they cause severe injuries and emotional trauma, they can also have shocking financial effects. Depending on the severity of the collision, car accidents can cost victims and their families thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. For this reason, it is best to call a car accident attorney if you’ve been involved in a collision.

Some financial consequences of car accidents are quite obvious. You may have to spend money to get the car fixed and pay your medical bills. If the accident resulted in a totaled car, you may also have to pay all or part of the cost of buying a new vehicle. However, many less obvious financial consequences exist as well. For example, if you are injured and cannot work, you may lose income. You may also have to pay for physical therapy if you are having trouble recovering from your injuries or spend money on psychiatric treatment if the accident caused emotional trauma.

Because of the high costs associated with being the victim of a collision, it is wise to seek the help of a car accident attorney if you’re involved in a crash. These lawyers are trained in evaluating and litigating personal injury claims. They can help you determine if the other party is legally responsible for the accident. If this is the case, your car accident lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to attempt to obtain monetary damages from the other driver or his or her insurance company. These damages can cover anything from your medical bills to lost wages to the cost of buying a new car.

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